Royal Corinthian

About Us

My uncle Paul, who was a contractor at a jobsite, was approached by the homeowner some 28 years ago and asked to provide a lightweight balustrade system on balconies that weren’t structurally reinforced to carry a lot of weight. He provided the balustrade but it was made from EIFS. My uncle realized that there was demand for a lightweight stone alternative balustrade but the product simply wasn’t available. He partnered with my father, Peter, and after many unsuccessful attempts, Royal Corinthian was finally born in his garage. We began with synthetic stone balustrades and shortly thereafter added the complimentary line of columns. 

While we began our story manufacturing what is still our premium line, we have since added many other product lines. In addition to our RoyalStone™ columns and balustrades, we offer RoyalCast™ fiberglass columns and balustrades, RoyaLite™ fiberglass columns, column covers, cornice, domes, & pergolas, RoyalThane™ high density polyurethane balustrades, RoyalConcrete™ G.F.R.C fireplace surrounds, stove hoods, and façade elements, and RoyalWrap™ PVC column wraps, sheets, and boards. 

In addition to these specific product lines, we manufacture an assortment of millwork from any of the aforementioned materials, including but not limited to: crown molding, corbels, brackets, niches, medallions, louvers, dentils, appliques, rosettes, capitals, bases, pilasters, crossheads, pediments, planters, statues, and more.

Our goal is to continue to provide your family and friends with the highest quality American-made architectural products. We strive to provide everything that we offer at the fastest lead-times and affordable prices whether you are looking for a low-maintenance solution or a paintable commodity alternative. Our vision is to emulate the architecture of the Greeks and the Romans but from composite materials that last for generations and our lifetime warranty is evidence of that. We look forward to working with you.


Best regards,
Andy Savenok
General Manager