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Royal Corinthian manufactures 3 structural balustrade systems made from composite materials that will last for generations. Our balustrades, which are comprised of balusters or spindles, top/bottom rails, newel posts and caps, decorative finials, and installation hardware, are available in RoyalCast™ composite fiberglass, RoyalStone™ polymer stone, and RoyalThane high density polyurethane. Each of our systems has been independently tested by engineering firms and exceeds commercial and residential building code requirements for a structural balustrade. All of our balustrade systems are lightweight systems when compared to natural stone but some are significantly lighter than others. We are the only manufacturer that offers all 3 materials in the same styles so the same project can use our RoyalStone balustrades on the front porch and our lightweight polyurethane system on a rooftop that has weight restrictions. If you want to know more about each of the 3 materials, look at the comparison chart below. If you already know which product you are looking for, click on the appropriate product.

Balustrade Materials Comparison Chart

RoyalCast™ FiberglassRoyalStone™ Synthetic StoneRoyalThane™ Polyurethane
Best ApplicationPaintable, rubust, structuralPrefinished, robust, structuralPaintable, lightweight, structural
Factory Finish (standard)Paint-grade Gray6 colors, 3 texturesPaint-grade primed white
Factory Finish (options)Paint-grade onlyUnlimited custom colorsPaint-grade only
Price Comparison$$$$
On-site Prep WorkSand, predrill, prime, and paintPredrillPredrill and paint
System WidthsUp to 10"Up to 10"Up to 12"
System HeightsUp to 51"Up to 51"Up to 51"
Longest Rail SpanUp to 20'Up to 20'Up to 12'
Weight (per lineal foot)*20 to 100 lbs*20 to 100 lbs5 to 40 lbs
WarrantyLimited LifetimeLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime
AdvantagesStructural and versatilePrefinished and structuralLightweight and structural
Fiberglass content1-3%None, unless requestedNone
FillerCalcium Carbonate/ATH/ProliteCalcium Carbonate/ATH/ProliteNone
Fire RatingAvailable: Class AAvailable: Class AAvailable: Class A
LEED PointsAvailableAvailableAvailable

*RoyalCast and RoyalStone Balustrade systems can be made half the normal weight while
maintaining the same wall thickness using Prolite, a lightweight filler.

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