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The Benefits of a Fiberglass Pergola

Fiberglas Pergola Kit

When choosing a material for a pergola you want one that is durable, long lasting, and low maintenance. While there is an assortment of materials you can choose from such as wood, vinyl, or plastic, the material with the most benefits is fiberglass.  

Fiberglas Pergola Kit
Fiberglas Pergola Kit

Ease of Installation

The benefits for a fiberglass pergola begin during the installation process. Unlike wood and other materials, fiberglass is a very light and versatile material. This means that it can be installed almost anywhere – except for against the house.  

Low Maintenance

After installation, the benefits of fiberglass continue. One of the leading benefits of a fiberglass pergola is the minimal maintenance involved. Unlike wood that shifts and cracks, paint on a fiberglass pergola lasts longer. So only minor touch ups are needed to keep it pristine. Additionally, a fiberglass pergola will not rust, corrode or pit like a wood or steel one would. 

While a fiberglass pergola doesn’t need regular maintenance, a weekly sweep with occasional use of mild soap can keep it pristine. You many also power wash the pergola at the end of the year to remove any additional dirt or debris that has collected.  

Pound for Pound Stronger than Steel

An extra benefit of fiberglass pergola is the strength and durability of it. Compared to vinyl or wood, fiberglass can withstand heavy snowfall or high winds without becoming droopy or warped.  

By Far the Best Value Pergola on the Market

So to recap all the benefits: fiberglass is light, versatile, sustainable, resistant to rust / corrosion / pitting, requires minimal maintenance, and is strong. The only hard choice you have to make when it comes to a fiberglass pergola is the color you want to compliment your landscape.  

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