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  What is Polyurethane and What are Its Architectural Benefits? Traditional materials such as wood, concrete, and steel come to mind when

Load-bearing Roman Corinthian columns installed on home.

  Columns have been among the oldest of architectural components, serving as a means to transfer loads from other sections of buildings

Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Cornice

Cornice is a decorated projection that serves to enhance the look of a building as well as protect the face of it

How Environmentally Friendly is Fiberglass?

Environmentalism and sustainability are increasingly becoming the trend of the day. That’s a good development because it shows we’re finally realizing the

Tips for Incorporating Columns in Your Architecture

Throughout architectural history, few structures have been as ubiquitous and persistent as the mighty column. Its primary use has mainly been to provide structural

Reasons to Own a Pergola

Installing a pergola outside your home, office or estate can be a great way to elevate your outdoor living experience. A pergola

Benefits of Using Fiberglass

Fiberglass has been quickly rising in popularity as the construction material of choice in many architectural applications. While traditional building materials such

Architectural Fiberglass Statue

In addition to architectural fiberglass columns, balustrades, pergolas, domes, and cornices, Royal Corinthian manufactures an assortment of architectural fiberglass including but not


Since we use PVC sheets, boards, and trim to make our PVC column wraps, we offer them for sale as well. Our