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Cheap Balusters

Cheap balusters are easy to find but you get what you pay for, right? Wood will rot, metal will corrode, concrete will

Exterior Wood Columns

Wood columns are synonymous with rotting, cracking, splitting, and infestation but not Royal Corinthian RoyalClassic™ wood columns. In fact, our exterior wood

Construction Trends 2019

Residential and commercial construction is a fluid enterprise. With construction, there are always noticeable trends. So what does 2019 have in store

Fiberglass Column Covers and PVC Column Wrap

A column cover or a column wrap is an architectural column that goes around a structural support (wood post, I-beam, lally column,

Fiberglass Columns FAQ

Royal Corinthian manufactures 3 types of fiberglass columns: RoyalCast™ Fiberglass Columns, RoyaLite™ Fiberglass Column Covers and Columns, and RoyaLite™ pultruded fiberglass columns. We

Rotted Column Base

There are many uncertainties in life but one thing is for sure: wood columns will eventually rot if left alone, and the

Painting Fiberglass Columns

Royal Corinthian manufactures 3 types of fiberglass columns. Our RoyalCast™ fiberglass columns are the most popular; they are available in every style

Exterior Shutters

Royal Corinthian offers the most comprehensive line of architectural exterior shutters in the industry. These shutters are available in 26 standard colors

Porch Columns

Thousands of years ago architectural columns were carved from blocks of stone or tree trunks. In modern history, the progression of porch