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Fiberglass Cornice 

Polyurethane Cornice

 Other Cornice Materials

Royal Corinthian offers entablature which is comprised of cornice or crown moulding, frieze, and architrave.  Sometimes all 3 components are ordered as a single unit to adorn the exterior of municipal buildings, universities, or mansions.  Our cornice or crown molding, which is often used independent of the frieze and architrave, is offered in 5 composite materials of which we favor two for their ability to achieve complexity fairly inexpensively: RoyalThane™ high density polyurethane crown mouldings and RoyaLite™ fiberglass or “FRP” cornice both have the ability to forge complex shapes for budget sensitive projects. Polyurethane cornice arrives primed ready for final paint-finish and we have hundreds of standard profiles to choose from.  RoyaLite™ fiberglass cornice comes standard with marine-grade paintable gel coat and is available in prefinished options as well. Fiberglass cornice is almost exclusively used on exteriors, is usually custom although standard profiles are available, and tends to be bigger profiles than polyurethane.  We also offer cornice made from our RoyalCast™ fiberglass, RoyalStone™ polymer stone, and RoyalPVC™ cellular PVC.  The comparison chart below differentiates between the 5 materials.  If you know which material is best suited for your project, click on the relevant image above

RoyaLite™ Fiberglass "FRP" RoyalThane™ Polyurethane RoyalCast™ Fiberglass RoyalStone™ Synthetic Stone RoyalPVC™ Cellular PVC
Best Application Lightweight and versatile Lightweight and versatile Paintable and robust Prefinished Simple, in lieu of wood
Factory Finish (standard) White marine-grade gel coat Paint-grade primed white Paint-grade Gray 6 colors, 3 textures Paint-grade White
Factory Finish (options) Prefinished colors/textures Paint-grade only Paint-grade only Unlimited custom colors Paint-grade only
Price Comparison $ $ $$ $$$ $
Styles Standard and custom Standard and custom Mostly custom, some standard Mostly custom, some standard Mostly custom, some standard
Typical Length 8' 8' to 16' 8' 8' 8' to 20'
Wall Thickness 1/4" 1/2" 1/2" to 1" 1/2" to 1" 3/8" to 1"
Weight (sq ft) 2 to 4 lbs 1 lb 3 to 20 lbs 4 to 30 lbs 1 to 3 lbs
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Advantages Stronger than steel but light Versatile, many standard profiles Robust Prefinished Wood alternative
Customizable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiberglass content 35-40% None 1-3% None, unless requested None
Filler None None Calcium Carbonate/ATH/Prolite Calcium Carbonate/ATH/Prolite None
Fire Rating Available: Class A Available: Class A Available: Class A Available: Class A Available: Class A
LEED Points Available Available Available Available Available