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Fiberglass Cupola

Architectural Cupolas

Our fiberglass cupolas are crafted to endure hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads, and diverse environmental conditions. Constructed with a blend of metal and treated lumber, these materials fortify the structure, enhancing its stability and strength. This robust metal framework not only guarantees durability, but also offers a sturdy foundation, ensuring long-lasting security and is similar to our fiberglass cornice. By minimizing maintenance needs, our fiberglass cupolas, also referred to as awnings & canopies, prove to be a dependable, and economical choice for your architectural endeavors. These classical elements are historically found on homes, schools, churches, and municipal buildings. In addition to our standard architectural cupolas, we offer customization at affordable pricing. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions. Royal Corinthian manufactures a number of architectural products that can accompany cupolas including: domes, finials, cornice, columns, and more.  Please see our fiberglass cupola CADs below.


Royalite™ Fiberglass Cupola 1


Royalite™ Fiberglass Cupola 2


Royalite™ Fiberglass Cupola 3

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