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Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplace Surrounds

Our fireplaces or fireplace surrounds are manufactured from GFRC or glass fiber reinforced concrete. The resulting product is a lightweight manufactured stone at a fraction of the cost and weight of natural stone. We are able to replicate terra cotta, limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, and many other authentic stone varieties in a plethora of colors. Since our mantles, hearths, overmantles, legs, and the rest of the fireplace components are made using mold technology, we are able to offer very intricate fireplaces, that would cost an arm and a leg in natural stone, at affordable prices. The nature of GFRC makes our fireplace surrounds fire, weather, and crack resistant so these can even be installed outdoors. Please browse our gallery for inspiration: If you don’t see a picture that captures your vision for a fireplace, we have hundreds more that we can show you. Since we make our own molds, a custom fireplace isn’t that much more than a stock fireplace. In addition to GFRC, we are able to manufacture our fireplaces from synthetic stone, fiberglass, FRP, and polyurethane.

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