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Royal Corinthian manufacturers two types of fiberglass columns with the most popular one discussed in a previous section. Our RoyaLite™ Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer or GFRP or FRP column covers are true fiberglass columns as they are comprised of 35% to 40% fiberglass. The rest of the column is made up of polymer resin and gel coat. These columns are usually used as column covers or column wraps. We manufacture them in 2 halves that get assembled around structural supports on site using our integral lap joint installation method. These offer the greatest advantage over our other columns when paint-grade column covers 14” and bigger are desired. For small column covers, our RoyalCast™ columns are more affordable; this isn’t to say that we don’t offer our RoyaLite™ column wraps in small diameters and widths.

Material Composition And Process

RoyaLite™ fiberglass columns do not use fillers and are typically manufactured using a hand layup, spray up, or a combination of the two methods. We begin by spraying the mold with marine-grade white gel coat and in some instances with an aggregate that has a stone-like appearance. After the gel coat, we begin to apply the resin/fiberglass chop matrix using a state of the art chopper system to insure a consistent composition as well as unparalleled tensile strength. These are the thinnest columns that we offer but that doesn’t make them weak (it’s not the size of the dog in the fight): Once the half column cures, it is demolded, resulting in a product that is pound for pound stronger than steel. Our FRP columns can be made using general purpose resin or resin that meets the ASTM E 84 Class 1 requirements for flame spread and smoke density.

RoyaLite™ Fiberglass “FRP”
Best ApplicationColumns wraps
Factory Finish (standard)White gel coat
Factory Finish (options)Unlimited colors/textures
Price Comparison$
Wall Thickness1/4″ to 5/8″
Weight (sq ft)2 to 4 lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Loadbearing*When factory assembled
Split/Half ColumnsYes, standard with lap joint
Full Columns*Factory assembly available
Fiberglass content35-40%
Fire RatingAvailable: Class A
LEED PointsAvailable

*RoyaLite Plain Square NON-Tapered columns are available as FRP column covers as two halves with a lap-joint or as pultruded whole columns, in some sizes, that are lightweight and loadbearing. The whole columns are advantages when lightweight plain square loadbearing columns are preferred over column covers. The pultruded RoyaLite columns have specs that vary from the chart above. Specs are available upon request.

In addition to the RoyaLite™ FRP column covers described above, we offer RoyaLite™ pultruded square columns that actually come as a whole column and not as column covers. These square columns are only available in plain and can span up to 18’ in height. Pultrusion is the process of pulling a consistent shape through a die or mold essentially, which is why pultruded products cannot have a taper to them like many of our column styles. In addition to the different manufacturing process, the composition of these columns differs from our typical RoyaLite™ columns as well as the thickness.

Product Offering

Our RoyaLite™ column covers are available in every style and size that we offer. Shaft styles include but are not limited to: Round Tapered Plain and Fluted, Round NON-Tapered Plain and Twist Rope, Square NON-Tapered and Tapered Plain, and Square Non-Tapered Fluted and Recessed Panel. Depending on which style you choose, our columns range from 6” up to 36” x 30’ tall. As stated previously, these column covers are most economical from 14” and up but, since we use the same molds for all of our columns, you can incorporate our RoyalCast™ and RoyaLite™ columns on the same project and save. As the name implies, these covers will arrive to the jobsite as two halves with an integrated lap joint for reassembly around structural supports. We are able to factory join these columns on your behalf and sometimes that is a less expensive alternative than using our already whole RoyalCast™ columns. We offer a variety of decorative capitals: Roman Corinthian, Scamozzi, Temple of the Winds, Roman Ionic, etc. in addition to more simple products like: Tuscan, Doric, Attic, and Craftsman capitals and bases.

In addition to our RoyaLite™ column covers, we have select RoyaLite™ load-bearing columns. Our pultruded square fiberglass columns are available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” nominal widths and most can span up to 18’. These do not come with a gel coat but rather a skin coat that needs to be primed and painted. Please see our catalog or pricelist for specific sizes offered.

In this video learn about the 3 types of fiberglass columns offered by Royal Corinthian and why they are the most affordable and superior column material in the market. We compare the price, sound when knocked on, style, size, and plan type availability, fiberglass content, and manufacturing process of each material.

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