Newel Posts and Pedestals


Royal Corinthian manufactures balustrade newel posts or pedestals from RoyalThane™ polyurethane, RoyalCast™ fiberglass, RoyalStone™ synthetic stone, RoyaLite™ FRP lightweight fiberglass, and RoyalWrap™ cellular PVC. The first three materials are structural and have been independently tested, whereas PVC pedestals, which are available in any style as our PVC Column Wraps and virtually any size are made as two corners and act as wraps. FRP pedestals are made as two halves with an integrated lap joint for assembly around a structural support. A subset of our RoyaLite pedestals (RoyaLite Pultruded) is structural but only available in 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” nominal widths and in a plain style only. The rest of our materials are available in every style pictured below. All newel posts that are pictured with panels can be made plain, all paneled posts can be made as corners, thru, and end posts, and all posts can be made shorter or taller. If you are using our newel posts with our balustrade system, the majority of our systems are made to work with all 4 sides of the post being paneled with the exception of the top and bottom of stairs, which typically require an end post. Don’t let any of this overwhelm you as our staff is very knowledgeable and can figure out post paneling on your behalf as well as which material and size is most suitable for you. We have been doing this for over 22 years so rest assured that you are in good hands. Our posts can be used in combination with our balusters and railings, with someone else’s railing systems, or under our columns as pedestals.

Polyurethane Newel Post
Fiberglass Newel Post
Synthetic Stone Newel Post
Fiberglass Newel Post Covers
Fiberglass Load-bearing Newel Post

plain only
(6”, 8”, 10”, 12”)

Npp Style Post

NameWidthHeightTop ClearanceBottom ClearanceSide ClearanceInside DiameterWeight

All posts are available plain with no panels. All weights and dimension “F” pertain to RoyalStone/RoyalCast: Other materials are much lighter and have smaller or bigger hole openings.

Newel Post Inside Clearance
Newel Post Specification Drawing
Newel Post Line Drawing
Balustrade Newel Post
Column Pedestals

All Posts are Available Plain (no panels)

Npp 45° Style Post

Name          Width HeightTop ClearanceBottom ClearanceSide ClearanceInside DiameterWeight

All posts are available plain with no panels. All weights and dimension “F” pertain to RoyalStone/RoyalCast: Other materials are much lighter and have smaller or bigger hole openings.

45 Degree Newel Post Line Drawing
45 Degree Newel Post
45 Degree Corner Newel Post

NP Style Post

Name Width HeightTop ClearanceBottom ClearanceSide ClearanceInside DiameterWeight
Routed Edge Newel Post Line Drawing
Routed Edge Newel Post
Newel Posts
Pedestal Inside Clearance
Pedestal Specification Drawing

NP Round Style Post

NameDimensionsWeight (lbs)
NPR66” x 38” (up to 46”)45-53
NPR88” x 38” (up to 46”)80-85
NPR1010” x 38” (up to 46”)105-110
NPR1212” x 38” (up to 46”)150-155
Round Newel Post Line Drawing
Round Newel Post
Round Balustrade Newel Posts

Use 38” or 40” posts for 36” system heights, 44” posts for 42” system heights, and 46” posts for the bottom of stairs. With decorative balustrades or system heights other than 36” and 42”, please indicate post paneling (corner, thru, end) on purchase order. Most of our systems are made to work with all 4 sides paneled except at the top and bottom of stairs.