Royal Corinthian

Polyurethane Cornice

RoyalThane™ Polyurethane Cornice

Polyurethane Crown Molding CL12-623

Royal Corinthian manufactures high density polyurethane cornice in America and distributes other brands like Fypon.  Sometimes, when the cornice is simple or small in nature, we refer to it as crown molding.  Polyurethane is high density foam that feels like wood as far as density and sound but will not rot, crack, or split.  Polyurethane cornice molding has the ability to replicate very ornate wood carvings but at a fraction of the cost.  As this cornice doesn’t absorb water, it will last forever, even on exterior applications.  Although we never shy away from custom products, polyurethane cornice is available in thousands of standard profiles.  This cornice offers the greatest advantage over our other cornice products when small to medium-sized paint-grade cornice is desired or standard profiles are utilized.

Material Composition and Process

RoyalThane polyurethane cornice is a molded product.  It is made by mixing two foams together that expand inside of the mold to form a product. This foam has a density of 12 lbs. per cubic inch which is similar to white pine so don’t let the word “foam” discourage you.  Polyurethane, like all of our products, is a composite material that offers the unique characteristics of wood but without the negative attributes of wood: rotting, cracking, splitting, and termite infestation.  All of our polyurethane cornices are primed at the factory so they are ready for final paint finish, although a few minor touchups may be required.

Product Offering

Our RoyalThane cornice is available with face profiles of just a couple inches to well over a foot.  We have thousands of standard profiles to choose from and customization is fairly inexpensive.  These are typically offered as 8’ lengths but we also have contractor lengths in 12’ and even 16’.  Contractor lengths offer the advantage of fewer seams and can decrease the cost of labor significantly. Polyurethane cornice or crown molding can be cut and mitered using standard wood working tools or if mitering isn’t desired, we offer corners and corner blocks.

RoyalThane™ Polyurethane
Best ApplicationLightweight and versatile
Factory Finish (standard)Paint-grade primed white
Factory Finish (options)Paint-grade only
Price Comparison$
StylesStandard and custom
Typical Length8′ to 16′
Wall Thickness1/2″
Weight (sq ft)1 lb
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
AdvantagesVersatile, many standard profiles
Fiberglass contentNone
Fire RatingAvailable: Class A
LEED PointsAvailable

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