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PVC Column Wraps

RoyalWrap™ PVC Column Wraps

Royal Corinthian manufactures PVC column wraps using cellular PVC sheets and boards. The wraps are a wood alternative that is milled just like wood but without any of the negative attributes. These columns come factory mitered as two corners to facilitate a quick installation around wood supports or lally columns. They offer the greatest advantage over our other columns when square column wraps are desired that can span up to 20’ in height and are fairly inexpensive.

Material Composition and Process

RoyalWrap™ column wraps or covers are made from 3/8” (economy), ½” (most common), 5/8”, and 1” thick cellular PVC sheets. The sheets are 48” wide and up to 20’ in height so technically we can make a column wrap that is 4’ wide by 20’ tall without being segmented. The sheets are cut and mitered at our factory using standard wood working tools so anything that can be made from wood can be made from our PVC. Each corner, made up of two mitered pieces, is then glued together using high end PVC glue, insuring that separation will not occur. Although there is no tangible advantage to a lock edge, we can also make our wraps with a lock edge rather than a miter. The capitals and bases, which are also made from PVC except for the Tuscan style, follow more or less the same manufacturing process. These column wraps are lightweight, ranging from 1 to 3 lbs. per square foot depending on sheet thickness. In addition to offering our RoyalWrap™ covers, we offer PVC sheets and boards of various thicknesses and lengths. Why use wood when PVC will last a lifetime?

RoyalWrap™ Cellular PVC
Best ApplicationSquare Column wraps
Factory Finish (standard)Paint-grade White
Factory Finish (options)Paint-grade On
Price Comparison$
SizesUp to 20′ tall w/out seam
Wall Thickness3/8″ to 1″
Weight (sq ft)1 to 3 lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
No*When factory assembled
Split/Half ColumnsYes, standard as 2 corners
Full Columns*Factory assembly available
Fiberglass contentNone
Fire RatingAvailable: Class A
LEED PointsAvailable

Product Offering

In this video learn about the PVC Columns offered by Royal Corinthian, and how they are affordable, durable, and versatile. By using PVC, we are able to make square column wraps that can span up to 20’ in height, and any design using our CNC technology

Our RoyalWrap™ porch column wraps are available only as square columns for obvious reasons. Shaft styles include but are not limited to: Square NON-Tapered Plain, Square Tapered Plain, Square NON-Tapered Raised Panel, Square Tapered Raised Panel, Square NON-Tapered Recessed Panel, Square Tapered Recessed Panel, and Square NON-Tapered Fluted. Since this is a wood alternative product, we don’t have many limitations as far as custom styles and sizes and customization is fairly inexpensive. We offer many styles of caps and bases with Box, Prairie, Craftsman, and Tuscan being the most popular. We offer everything from small knee-wall column wraps to anything up to 20’ tall. Please see our catalog or price list for standard size offerings.