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Round Columns

Round Columns

Royal Corinthian manufactures round columns in several styles and materials. We have tapered plaintapered flutednon-tapered plainnon-tapered rope, barrel, Greek Doric, and some “custom” standard styles. We make these round columns from RoyalCast™ cast FiberglassRoyalStone™ Synthetic Stone, and RoyaLite™ lightweight Fiberglass. We also offer the same columns in RoyalCrete™ GFRC for those wanting a cast stone segmented look to their columns. We make everything from knee-wall and “stock” sized to 2 and 3 story columns. Currently, our diameters range from 5” to 42” and some columns span up to 30’ without interruption. We can go even higher if we piece the shaft together from several sections or we can always make a custom size, which we specialize in. If you want to browse by style, click on the column image below that catches your eye. If you would rather get to know the various materials that we offer, feel free to call us for a quick run through or visit our columns section to see a comparison chart. Our columns are usually pictured with Tuscan caps and bases which we offer for every size of the column that we make. In addition, we offer an assortment of alternative caps and bases as well as decorative capitals.


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