Royal Corinthian

Square Fluted Columns

Square Fluted Columns

Royal Corinthian produces square non-tapered fluted columns from 4 composite materials: RoyalCast™ FiberglassRoyalStone™ Polymer StoneRoyaLite™ Lightweight Fiberglass, and RoyalWrap™ PVC. Since we want our columns to last for generations as we are sure you do, we only offer composite materials. We also offer RoyalCrete™ GFRC columns for those wanting to incorporate a segmented cast stone look. If you have decided on which material you prefer for your residential or commercial project, you can find various specs in the charts below and on our CAD drawings. If you are unsure as to which material is most suitable for your project, call us for a quick run through or check out our column comparison page. For specs and sizing pertaining to our PVC fluted column wraps, please visit our non-tapered PVC column wraps section.

Our fluted square columns are available in 8”, 10”, and 12” nominal widths but, as with all of our products, customization is our forte. Our in-house mold-making department allows for us to add new sizes on a weekly basis so check with us if we have added the size you need. Our PVC column wraps, on the other hand, are available in virtually any size without the need for us to make a new mold. The charts below apply to some of our columns and not others so pay close attention to chart titles and notes below. RoyalCast and RoyalStone columns are load-bearing due to the spun-cast method of manufacturing. They are also heavier and have circular openings as opposed to the square openings inside our RoyaLite column covers (see cross-sectional views below). RoyaLite column covers, which usually ship in two halves with lap joints for assembly around structural supports, can be factory assembled and shipped as whole columns or as pilasters and other plan types. GFRC columns are made in sections that get stacked on top of one another. All of our capitals and bases are made from the same material as the shaft.

RoyalCast, RoyalStone, & RoyaLite Column Covers

Shaft Width
of Flutes
Available Lengths
(A) & (B)(C) (I)
8”7-5/8” 1-1/4”61/64”201”100004,6,8,9,10
8”7-5/8” 1-1/4”19/32”281”100004,6,8,9,10
10”9-5/8”1-1/4” 1-5/8” 241”140004,6,8,9,10

*Load bearing capacities and average wall thicknesses apply only to RoyalCast and RoyalStone: Wall thickness at flutes will be less than at the top and bottom of the column and is not considered in the average thickness. RoyaLite FRP column covers have a average wall thickness of 3/16”  all around and only bear minimal weight when factory assembled. Astragal or decorative neck ring is loose and is optional. Additional specs for GFRC and FRP columns are available upon request.

Columns to Surround Structural Supports

Column WidthInside Top Shaft DiameterLargest Round SupportLargest Square Support
10”7-3/8” 7”4-7/8”

RoyaLite column covers can surround significantly larger square supports than indicated on the chart due to the square shaped hole. GFRC specs upon request.

Tuscan CapTuscan Base
Size Width HeightWeight (lbs.)WidthHeightWeight (lbs.)
8”10-7/8” 3”2.510-1/2”4-1/4”6
10” 13-9/16”3-3/4”7 13-5/16”5-3/8”12.5
12”17-3/8”4-1/8” 19 16-1/8”6-1/4”31

Weights are based on cast materials. RoyaLite caps/bases are significantly lighter but very robust. GFRC specs upon request. 

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