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Square Tapered Columns

Square Tapered Columns

Royal Corinthian manufactures square tapered columns, also known as craftsman or bungalow columns, from 4 composite materials: cast fiberglass or RoyalCast™, cellular PVC or RoyalWrap™synthetic stone or RoyalStone™, and FRP lightweight fiberglass or RoyaLite™. We also offer these columns from GFRC, cast stone, and eps-backed lightweight cast stone. If you already know which material interests you and you are looking for our available sizes and specifications, then you are at the right place. If you need to learn more about each column material and the particular advantages of one over the other, please visit our columns page or call us for a quick run through. Our RoyalCast™, RoyalStone™, and RoyaLite™ columns are available in all of the sizes below and any of our listed columns can be made shorter for knee-wall applications. For our PVC wraps, which come as 2 corners for assembly around structural members, please go to square tapered PVC columns

The specifications charts below pertain mostly to RoyalCast/RoyalStone, especially the load bearing capacities, inside hole diameters (S), and cap/base weights.  These columns are spun cast and result in a square column with a circular hole in them which minimizes the inside clearance.  RoyaLite™ and RoyalWrap™ craftsman columns, on the other hand, are made from 2 halves, resulting in a square shaped hole opening. Our FRP columns are considered column covers and are the thinnest of the 4 materials although lb. for lb. they are stronger than steel, so don’t let that discourage you.  We are able to factory assemble the FRP column covers and make them load bearing; however, they will bear significantly less weight than our spun cast square columns. PVC wraps are purely decorative and require a structural support if necessary. All of the craftsman columns below come with capitals and bases made from the same material as the shaft, except for more complex capitals used for RoyalWrap columns. Even though most of our square tapered columns come with a straight taper, we have a few that are available with entasis taper, which means the shafts are straight at the bottom and then begin to taper with an entasis at some point. As always, we never shy away from custom.

Bottom Shaft
Top Shaft
10”>8” x 5′-6” 9”7-5/8”1-1/4”1/2”14000
10”>8” x 8′9-5/8”7-5/8”1-1/4”1/2”14000
10”>8” x 10′10-1/8”7-5/8”1-1/4” 1/2”14000
12”>10” x 5′-6”11-3/8”9-5/8”1-1/4”1/2”18000
12”>10” x 8′12”9-5/8”1-1/4”1/2”18000
14”>10” x 12′13-1/4”9-5/8”1-1/4” 1/2”20000
16”>10” x 5′ 13-5/8”9-5/8”1-1/4”5/8”20000
16”>10” x 8′16”9-5/8”1-1/4” 5/8”20000
18”>10” x 10′17-19/32”9-5/8”1-1/4” 3/4”20000

Minimum wall thicknesses and load-bearing capacities pertain to cast fiberglass and synthetic stone columns only. RoyaLite FRP fiberglass columns typically have a thinner wall thickness and are most often used as column covers and don’t bear weight. 

Columns to Surround Structural Support

Inside Top
Shaft Diameter (S)
Round Support
Square Support

As with the above chart, this chart pertains to our spun-cast products only. FRP column covers can surround larger structural supports than cast products. This chart is fairly conservative and in most cases we can surround larger structural members than indicated. Columns that surround structural supports are typically split for reassembly so this chart allows for loss due to saw kerf. Columns that are split are no longer considered load-bearing. It is important to note the width or diameter of any structural support that you intend to cover with any of our columns at time of order as Royal Corinthian does not accept any liability for columns that don’t properly cover the support.

(D) (E)(F)(G)
10” 10-7/8”3”2.513-5/16” 5-3/8”12.5
12”13-9/16”3-3/4”716-1/8” 6-1/4”31
16”13-9/16” 3-3/4”720-9/16” 9-1/2”49
18”13-9/16” 3-3/4”724”9-3/4”72

Weights are based on cast materials. RoyaLite caps/bases are significantly lighter but very robust. 

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