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7 Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Cornice

Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Cornice

Cornice is a decorated projection that serves to enhance the look of a building as well as protect the face of it from rainwater pouring off its roof and thus, minimize the risk of water damage. There are many construction materials out of which cornices can be made. However, fiberglass is quickly becoming the most popular choice and for good reasons. In this article, we’ll be listing the reasons to choose fiberglass cornice over those made from more traditional materials such as concrete, wood, and plaster.

Reasons to Choose Fiberglass Cornice
High durability is one big reason to choose fiberglass cornice.


1. Durability

One of the main advantages of fiberglass is its extraordinary durability. This makes it better suited for exterior use since it is less likely to become damaged from the harshness of the outdoor elements.

Unlike those made of wood, concrete or plaster, fiberglass cornice is highly resistant to effects of moisture, extreme temperatures, and the presence of corrosive gases and chemicals in the atmosphere. In addition, with fiberglass being an inorganic fiber-reinforced plastic, you won’t worry about any mold, algae, or insect infestation damaging and eating away at the structure.

Once installed, your fiberglass cornice is bound to look as good as new for years to come.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

The longevity of a fiberglass cornice coupled with the fact that it requires little or no maintenance translates to it being one of the most economical choices out there. Furthermore, on average, fiberglass cornice can be just as affordable (or even more so) than cornice made from other materials such as timber, marble, and plaster.

In addition, it is highly lightweight and comes pre-cast right out of the factory. By opting for fiberglass, you are going to save money in the installation of fiberglass cornice due to lesser fuel costs during transportation, fewer labor requirements and faster construction time.

3. Versatility

Fiberglass is a highly malleable construction material and one of the easiest materials to work with. This means that you can order custom-built cornice with designs and shapes that would be virtually impossible or too expensive with other materials. Not only that, but fiberglass cornice can also even be made to look and feel like those made from other costly materials like stone, terra cotta, and marble. Regardless of your architectural preferences, you are likely to find a fiberglass cornice design that perfectly fits that choice.

4. Super Strong

Pound per pound, fiberglass is an extremely strong material. It boasts a tensile strength that is the same as construction-grade aluminum while in terms of strength-to-weight ratio, it far surpasses even that of steel. Its lightweight combined with its high strength makes it a perfect building choice for cornices.

5. Water-proof

Moisture is one of the biggest causes of damage to a building, especially on surfaces most exposed to it. Cornices are one such part of the building, most directly exposed to rain, melting snow, and moisture-rich air. Since fiberglass is completely water-proof and doesn’t absorb water either, it is highly resistant to moisture damage, making it a natural material choice for cornices.

6. Fire-Resistant

Fiberglass is a naturally fire-resistance material and can also easily withstand high temperatures without losing its structural integrity. This means that if you have fiberglass cornice installed, you can have the peace of mind that at least that part of the building holds no risk of catching fire.

7. Environmentally-Friendly

This may come as a surprise for some but fiberglass is an environmentally friendly material. There are three main reasons that back this argument.

First, the fiberglass manufacturing process generates less emissions compared to many other building materials, including wood. Second, the long-lasting nature of fiberglass translates to fewer resources wasted in the long run in maintenance or replacement. Lastly, being both a lightweight and easy to work with, less emissions are produced in the transporting and installing of fiberglass building components.

Concluding Note

Cornice is an extraordinary architectural feature that enhances the look of your building and helps conceal the less pleasant sections of it such as the gutters. Being affordable, cost-effective, highly durable strong and more, fiberglass is easily the best material choice for cornices.

Are you looking to incorporate fiberglass cornices into your architectural design needs? Call us on our toll-free number 888-265-8661 or use this form to know more about the remarkable fiberglass cornices we have on offer.


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