Greek Doric Columns

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Royal Corinthian manufactures Greek Doric Columns from RoyalCast™ Composite Fiberglass, RoyalStone™ Synthetic Stone, and RoyaLite™ FRP Fiberglass. The latter is typically provided as a column cover in two vertical halves to surround a structural support, although factory assembly is available. The shaft cross sections are pictured below. We also offer RoyalCrete™ G.F.R.C and RoyalThinStone™ EPS backed lightweight cast stone columns, which are segmented rather than whole (please contact us for more information). Currently, our Greek Doric columns are available in diameters ranging from 22" to 32" but we are constantly adding new sizes. Due to our in-house mold making department, custom sizes are relatively inexpensive so please feel free to design the column to your specifications. Each Greek Doric column comes with 20 equally spaced concave grooves which are often referred to as flutes. We are able to make them without the flutes.

Greek Doric Fluted Columns Cornerstone
Fiberglass Greek Doric Column
Synthetic Stone Greek Doric Column
FRP Greek Doric Column Cover

Greek Doric Fluted Column Specifications

Column Diameter Bottom Shaft Diameter Top Shaft Diameter Available Heights*(feet)
(A) (B) (H)
22” 21-9/16” 18-3/8” 6
23” 22-13/16” 18-3/8” 8
24” 23-7/16” 18-3/8” 9
24” 24” 18-3/8” 10
25” 24-1/4” 21-1/8” 6
26” 25-1/2” 21-1/8” 8
26” 26-1/8” 21-1/8” 9
27” 26-11/16” 21-1/8” 10
28” 27-5/8” 21-1/8” 11.5
29” 28-3/16” 25-7/8” 8
29” 28-9/16” 25-7/8” 9
29” 28-7/8” 25-7/8” 10
30” 29-9/16” 25-7/8” 12
31” 30-3/16” 25-7/8” 14
31” 30-7/8” 25-7/8” 16
32” 31-9/16” 25-7/8” 18
32” 31-7/8” 25-7/8” 19

*Capital adds to shaft height: Available Heights includes the height of the capital. Column Load-bearing Capacity: 20,000 lbs with concentric loading. Average wall thickness is 5/8" for columns up to 28" in diameter and 3/4" for 29" and up. Average wall thickness and load-bearing capacity pertains to cast fiberglass and synthetic stone columns only. RoyaLite™ fiberglass columns, which are lb for lb stronger than steel, typically have a thinner wall thickness and are most often used as column covers that don’t bear weight. GFRC and Cast Stone specs are available by request.

Greek Doric Column Line Drawing

Diameters 29" through 32" have a 9/16" tall x 7/16" deep recess at the top of the shaft just under the capital called the Hypotrachelium (not pictured).

Capital Specifications

                 Cap Width Cap Height Abacus Height
(C) (D) (E)
22”-24” 27” 8-7/8” 4”
25”-28” 30-5/8” 9-7/8” 4”
29”-32” 37-7/8” 12-3/16” 5-5/8”

Columns to Surround a Structural Support

Column Diameter Hole Opening Diameter Largest Round Support Largest Square Support
22”-24" 16” 15-3/4” 11-1/8”
25”-28" 20” 19-3/4” 13-15/16”
29”-32" 24” 23-3/4” 16-3/4”

This chart indicates the largest round and square supports that RoyalCast™ and RoyalStone™ Greek Doric columns can surround if split in half for reassembly around a structural member. If the columns remain whole, they can surround slightly larger supports. Typically, RoyaLite™ column covers can surround bigger supports than the rest of our columns but, in this case, where the lap joints return back into the column opening, they actually will surround smaller supports, except in the case of an I-beam support or similar. For GFRC and Cast Stone specs, please contact us